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How to Choose a Supplier for Hotel Toiletries

posted on: November 15th, 2010
Whether you are opening a big chain of hotels, a small bed and breakfast, or your hotel is a long standing establishment and you simply want or need to change your supplier, here are some things to consider when choosing where to buy your hotel toiletries

There are many different suppliers out there. Some supply quality products and discounted prices. Some products are inferior even though you paid a lot. Some products are factory made and some handmade by a small business. How do you know where to find what you need?

First, consider what type of hotel you are running. Is it a luxury hotel? A budget inn just off the highway? A homey bed and breakfast? If you are running a luxury hotel, you will probably want luxury travel toiletries. Your guests will expect them. If you have a budget in, budget toiletries from a discount wholesaler are perfectly acceptable. If you run a cosy B&B in the Lake District, handmade goats milk soap and lavender shampoo will set you apart from the crowd. 

Next, do some research on the suppliers. Find out if they supply all the mini toiletries that you need. It’s best to get everything from one source where possible. If you are ordering large quantities, find out if you can get discounts or free shipping.

As you would with any other supplier or company you are dealing with, always try to discuss your order with someone rather than blindly ordering over the Internet without any human contact.
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